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What The Olympics Mean For Brisbane

What the 2032 Olympics Means For Brisbane Property - Gem Property Co

The Brisbane Olympics might still be 11 years away but the impact it will have will show itself much earlier than that. These Olympics will be unique as they aren’t being held in just one city, they will be held in three Games zones: Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Regional areas like Cairns, Townsville and Toowoomba will also host some aspects of the games. This means that the economic benefits that the games bring will be spread across the state.

In 2025 many infrastructure projects will be beginning to get Southeast Queensland ready. So many Brisbane suburbs will reap the benefits of this new work, with new jobs, better transport, streetscape upgrades, new sporting facilities and more.

After Sydney held the Olympics, the property market boomed. There were a number of factors that contributed to this outside of the Olympics but its safe to say, they definitely helped in the making of the boom.

The Queensland Governments aim is to create a 20-year economic boost from the Olympics. The plan is to distribute the economic benefits over the 10 years prior to the games (2022-2032) and the 10 years after in the ‘legacy’ period (2032-2042).

CoreLogic says the biggest impact of this Olympics will be improved transport efficiency. This will help connect all three districts of Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine coast together and make transport between each city faster and easier.

There are the added benefits of Cross River Rail in Brisbane City, stage 3 of the Gold Coast Light Rail and major upgrades to the M1 and Bruce Highway, with Olympics as the deadline, these are sure to be completed in time.

The actual timeline of the Olympics and Paralympics won’t create much change however the exposure for Queensland on a global scale will boost tourism and international and interstate investment.

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