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How much is your property worth?

Property valuations and appraisals are important and beneficial for people looking to buy or sell a property. They are often required when buying or selling a property because they provide an indication of the value of a property on the current Brisbane market.

When buying a property with lending, the loan provider may request a property valuation. The valuation is typically produced as a report, which includes details on: the condition of the property (including any issues that need to be addressed) rates, measurements of the building and vacant land value, and information on similar properties for sale in the area. It’s worth noting that when an entity requests a property valuation, this is different from a property appraisal.


Understanding Property Valuation


A good location is always desirable to a prospective buyer. Of course, what makes a given location desirable to a person can vary depending on a range of variables but certain locations and suburbs can appeal to a large margin of buyers. For example, properties that are near to good schools, close to the city centre, or located on the waterfront are generally quite highly coveted.

Supply & Demand

If the demand for property is greater than the supply available, property prices will increase due to greater competition amongst buyers.

Interest Rates

When the Reserve Bank of Australia introduces a change in policy it can have an effect on the value of property. A cut in interest rates, makes mortgages more affordable, and has an inverse effect on property prices.

Renovation Potential

A property with the room to grow can increase in resale value because it appeals to homebuyers and investors who see the potential to personalise, expand, or improve the property.


The demographic of people living in a particular area can influence the value of particular properties in that area. For example, in a suburb that is largely populated by retirees or elderly people, one-storey units might become more sought after than large houses.

Size and Facilities

It stands to reason that a multi-bedroom house will be worth more than a one bedroom flat on the same street. Desirable facilities such as swimming pools, secure garages, and ensuite bathrooms can also inflate the value of a property.

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